How #MeToo Took down an Olympian predator. I wonder who will *examine* the doctor first. In prison . .

I WISH THEY’D quit calling Olympic events Women’s Gymnastics and call it what it is–

Gabby Douglas, you are a real champion. Thank you for your corage.

Girl’s Gymnastics–Gold Medal Winner Dominique Moceanu is 14-years old, for heaven’s sake. And while it’s a little to late for Larry Nassar to zip up his pants and keep his creepy fingers to himself.

I wonder who’ll give Nassar is first physical after he turns over his shoelaces and gets to spend the rest of his life in Prison Orange. 

Nassar was the team doctor for USA Gymnastics for decades. Back in 2016, a woman filed a criminal complaint against him, saying he sexually abused her as a teenager. Since then, more than 150 women have come forward with similar stories. Many are athletes, including US Olympic gymnasts. Last year, Nassar pleaded guilty to several counts of sexual assault. Over the past week, almost all of his victims let him have it at his sentencing hearing.

Judge Aquilina (my new favorite judge) sentenced him to 40 to 175 years in prison. That’s on top of 60 years he already got on child porn charges. And next week he’s up for more sentencing for other charges.

While many men are cowering beneath their collective desks waiting for the other spike heel to drop, USA Gymnastics faces a reckoning over how and why Nassar was able to assault so many athletes under its watch for decades. You know why these men have been criminally carrying on this way for decades? Because for years, male doctors have poo-pooed women’s cries for help. Just like some American’s poo-poo tRump’s filthy attitued–and mouth–as “Locker room talk.”

Three board members resigned this week. The US Olympic Committee is calling on the remaining members to clear their desks. Several companies have pulled out as sponsors. And the NCAA said it’s investigating Michigan State, where Nassar also worked and treated athletes. Michigan State’s president resigned.

When one man can abuse more than 150 girls, and yes, they are GIRLS,  for decades, the problem runs deep. At least some of these women are getting justice, but this isn’t the last you’ll hear of this.

I’m certainly not saying this to all men–my male friends have spoken out publicly with outrage and sympathy for not only the high profile women and girls who are finally being heard. And for those who are calling #MeToo a Witch Hunt?

Fair notice, men who can’t keep their hands to their sides and their Docker’s zipped. I hope you’re running scared . . .


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