Saving the world from emotional porcupines

Kathy L. Murphy, the Pulpwood Queen, has been leading the charge on literacy front. In

Kathy L. Murphy at her 2018 Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend.

these times of willful ignorance, reading is more important than ever.

She’s also a cheerleader for authors (’cause you know, writers (at least this one) are introverted, have a lust for learning, and we’re pretty much like emotionally needy porcupines.
So, when the opportunity for authors to gather together, lean on each other for support (and whine about writing) it’s actually a public service–a few of Kathy’s contribution is Pulpwood Queens Book Club, author chats and the Pulpwood Queen’s Annual Girlfriend Weekend.
And now she’s championing Pat Conroy’s Literary Center. Being a huge Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides, and The Great Santini are two of my favorites) I was delighted when Kathy started a fundraiser for this cloister of literacy, master classes, writer’s retreats and a venue to get your writing out into the world.

Writing, whether it’s the hope of banging out a bestseller or journaling for yourself, brings meaning and has the power to change our own lives. And our world.

The center is where writers help other writers and is a tribute to Pat’s life and works.

Why donate?

Here are a few of the many reasons to help out:

  • Host readings by acclaimed regional and national authors
  • Offer writing classes both at the Center and also off site, hosting classes at venues such as schools, senior centers, military bases, etc.
  • Expand literary arts education programs currently available by placing writers in K-12 classrooms to work with students
  • Sponsor lectures, master classes and special events
  • Provide space for book groups and writing groups
  • Create mentorships for middle and high school writing students
  • Offer ongoing professional development for English teachers
  • Provide need-based scholarships to our programs
  • Secure financially and renovate our location in downtown Beaufort
  • Collaborate with libraries and other organizations
  • Create an English Teacher of the Year award

Now, y’all know I don’t do this often. But if you can donate and or spread the word, you’ll be helping budding new writers, readers and authors in need of inspirational kick in the behind. And emotional porcupines.

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