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Arm the cats before you arm the teachers.

DON’T ARM THE CATS. Please. I beg you. I know some of y’all think we should force our teachers to be peace officers (do they get additional security salary?), and probably next will be arming our toddlers. But here’s my … Continue reading

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Knock You Naked Salsa: A walk on the wild side . . .

Wrangling baby tigers, swimming with jaguars and interviewing three Texas governors— with the pictures to prove it—Kit Frazier admits she’s participated in some once-in-a-lifetime adventures. “If you see a chance, take it,” says Kit. “And while I’ve done—or participated—in some … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Valentine’s Day.

VALENTINE’S DAY. A made up holiday heralded in with jewelry commercials featuring cheesy jewelry (Jane Seymour anyone?) and *chocolate* diamonds–good marketing for the brown diamonds that nobody wanted. This year, I’m reclaiming Valentine’s Day. My ex insisted we get married … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Super Bowl *snowflake* ads: Snowflakes are patriotic, too.

I WASN’T SURPRISED when the Twit-o-sphere began bashing “Snowflake” Super Bowl ads last night. After all, the State of the Nation is divided. But I’m proud to be a snowflake. When I a little girl, I got a lot adult-eye … Continue reading

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