Thoughts on Super Bowl *snowflake* ads: Snowflakes are patriotic, too.

I WASN’T SURPRISED when the Twit-o-sphere began bashing “Snowflake” Super Bowl ads last night. After all, the State of the Nation is divided. But I’m proud to be a snowflake.

When I a little girl, I got a lot adult-eye rolling with tutting over my tearful sniffling

Yes. I bleed red, white and blue. And snowflakes are making a stand.

and snuffling over everything from three-legged dogs to Christmas coffee commercials about soldiers coming home. Now I get friend-eye rolling.

Yes. I probably am “over-sensitive” snowflake.

And if I thought I bawled my eyes out over last year’s Budweiser ad with the puppy forging his way home, and his Clydesdale big brothers who had his back, it was nothing compared to this year. This year, the beer company canning water sent me into tear-overdrive.

While I love Austin-based GSD&M ad agency (the brains behind the Don’t Mess with Texas anti-littering campaign), I think they missed the point this year, dissing on the Bowl ads for not being funny enough. Sorry pardners. I think my favorite marketeers are out of touch with what’s going on in our country.

A lot of us are upset. And apparently jaded.

Twitter went ugly on Dodge’s MLK’s voice-over for Ram pickups. Sorry, Twitter Trolls. I loved it.  When the country’s racial flame is fanned by a thumb-happy president, I’m thrilled some of our corporate citizens are taking a stand.

And when we, as a country, have turned our backs on Puerto Rico–a US territory, btw, Budweiser began packing water. Way better than pitching paper towels to a waterlogged population.

And Hyundai supporting cancer research? Be still my heart.

While some of the ads were cute (I’d crawl across broken glass for Peter Dinklage), cute wasn’t what got me last night.

It was hope. If the Supreme Court says corporations now have personhood, it gives me hope that some of that personhood has stepped up to embrace corporate responsibility.

Many of the ads were a statement on our State of the Union. Yes. Dodge was selling hopped up trucks. But they were also making a stand, and a statement, on what so many of us are feeling in a divided country.

My mother, Betty Frazier, a USAF chief master sergeant, and my dad, Stephan Frazier, a USAF full-bird colonel, instilled in me love, honor and a sense of patriotism that rises above the fray.

So yes, when Challenger, the bald eagle flew the stadium, I sniffled and snuffled. And to this day my heart beats a little faster at The Star-Spangled Banner.

I watched the Super Bowl this year while live-chatting with First Reader. And he knew I was going through a box of Puffs Plus. He put it perfectly. The leadership around here doesn’t have a lock on patriotism.

Snowflakes are patriots, too. Our Constitution includes all of us. There’s a reason we put our hands over our hearts and solemnly swear, “United we stand.”

And you know what they call a lot of snowflakes banding together? An avalanche. And as Jon Snow said, “Winter is coming . . .”

See y’all at the polls.

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  1. Jan Hudson says:

    Since I don’t have a personal FaceBook page, I can’t friend you, but the first thing I do every day is check your FB page to keep up with you (after I found you). How can I become a friend? Also, please send me your email addy. I don’t want to lose you again or I’ll be doing the Naked Sugar Dance.
    Where did you see/hear the comment by GSDM? I have a special place in my heart for those folks. (To be discussed privately.)

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