The Fat Floof Fan Dance

THE FAT FLOOF Fan Dance is performed in a prone position, because actual dancing would require actual energy expenditure, and that seems like a lot of trouble. It is performed with a big, fluffy tail, because getting an actual fan would involve climbing a wall.

The Fat Floof Fan Dance begins with summoning a suitable audience.

Acceptable audience gathered, getting centered for performance, waiting for appropriate musical accompaniment.

I’m too sexy for my tail, too sexy for my tail, so sexy, it huuuurrrts *purr purr*

Behold the beauty of my Fat Fluffy Tail!

BEHOLD, PUNY UNDERLINGS! *Especially you, Atticus, oh he who possesses an embarrassment of a skinny tail that looks like a corral snake bit his skinny butt

Hater’s gonna hate. Heckler’s gonna heckle. Hecklers get a punch fight…

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