A Tale of Two Kitties . . .


MOM! THANK YOU for my new box! I love it! Got window, got sunbeam, got ma bed! *purr purr purr, life is good!*

Hey, Fat Floof! What the hell? Kick off my bed and steal my sunbeam? You’ve got your own bed! Mom gave you your own box! You’ve got your own damn sunbeam!

Mom! He’s doing it again! Look at him. Sitting here, hogging my box and soaking up my sunbeam–you Fat Floof. Imma punch you!

Hey. Wait. Why does your ass smell like my cat box? You’ve got your own cat box! Mom just emptied both our boxes! I am so gonna punch your Fat Floof Face!

Bite me, Bro. Floof don’t care…

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