Hi, I’m Kit! Come on in . . .

Hello, my name is Kit Frazier, and I’m a writer, former award-winning journalist and

When you see a chance, take it!

current award-winning mystery writer living in Central Texas–glad you stopped by!

As a journalist, I’ve written about everything from discount caskets to concrete homes, with a few Dallas Cowboys and Texas governors thrown in just for excitement. One of my favorite offbeat articles was about a breast augmentation technique using vacuum technology–off the record, I called it, “Body by Hoover.”

In journalism, I’ve won three Texas Press Association awards (one in photography), and in fiction, I’ve won numerous awards, including Mystery Guild’s Pick of the Month for my first novel, Scoop.

In my personal life, I’ve had tigers (yes, those kind) in my living room, helped fight fires and am certified in K-9 Search & Rescue. How? When offered an opportunity, I jump in with “all four feet,” as my GrannaLucie used to say.

Taking the tiger cubs for a swim . . . yes, that’s Mau Chow Doggie in the background.

As the Special Sections editor at the Austin American-Statesman, I was responsible for magazine content and design. As the lead in the department, I participated in all factions of the magazine environment, from photography to sales and marketing and design layout. And to think, I started out as a “stringer.”